Welcome to our instructor training program. Here you can have the opportunity to learn how to fly hang gliders for free! Plus once you have passed the initial phases you can even start earning an income teaching others to fly.

If this sounds like an adventure you are interested in, we encourage you to read the outline of the program below along with its perks and benefits. Then please contact us to see how you can apply.

This program is not for those who want to try it once and get a free lesson out of the deal. Teaching Hang Gliding is also very physically demanding and exhausting, please keep this in mind. Please only apply if you are genuinely interested in a summer-long commitment to teaching Hang Gliding.

Please read the program description below before applying.

Perks & Benefits

As an Apprentice instructor with Windsports, you will be encouraged to make use of the many fringe benefits of the school. As long as you work for us you will have access to;

  • Discounted Gliders and Gear

  • Free rides up the mountain for solo flights

  • Free Advanced High Altitude Tandem Flights

  • Free Rentals of Beach Gliders and Equipment

  • Temporary Housing near the Mountain*

  • Priority participation in flight trips

  • Free Ridge Soaring Training

  • Free Glider Storage

Phase 1

  • Train with our instructors to earn your Hang 1 beginner rating (For Free!)

  • Shadow the lead instructors for 10 lessons, listening and learning 

  • You will not teach during this phase

  • You will be expected to assist the lead instructor with anything they need during the lessons including carrying the glider up the sand dune

  • Performance review after 10 shadowed lessons

  • Begin completing Instructor Training Checklist

  • You will not be paid during this phase but you will receive free Hang Gliding Training

Phase 2

  • Shadow and log 10 lessons as a teaching apprentice

  • The apprentice will become an active observer and participate in the teaching process

  • Still responsible for assisting the lead with anything they need

  • Gradually allowed to assist with a larger share of the teaching responsibilities

  • Can rent and fly training gliders for free to sharpen skills

  • You will not be paid during this phase but you will receive more advanced free Hang Gliding Training

  • Complete Performace Evaluation


Phase 3

  • Testing phase to finish the Apprentice Training Program

  • Pass two observed solo lessons under the supervision of a lead instructor

  • Complete Instructor Training Checklist

  • Final Performance Evaluation

  • Upon Graduation and a positive performance review, you will be offered a paid position as an employee of Windsports Hang Gliding School 

Phase 4

  • As an official Apprentice Instructor, you can teach your own class of students under the supervision of a Lead Instructor

  • You may start working on your qualifications to become a USHPA Basic Instructor

  • Build up your skills to get the flight time necessary for your H2 and H3 rating

Responsibilities & Expectations

As an Apprentice instructor with Windsports, you will have many wonderful opportunities to learn and grow as an instructor, a pilot, and a person. These opportunities come with certain duties and responsibilities. You are expected to;

  • Be available to teach Wednesday - Sunday from noon till 5 pm all summer long. We are open year-round if you want to continue teaching beyond the summer

  • Help Maintain the site and the training equipment

  • Pay for any damage you may cause to school equipment while off the clock

  • Acquire and keep current a First Aid/CPR certification

  • Join the USHPA 

  • Adhere to all flight rules and regulations at all flying sites we train, fly and teach at

  • Communicate well and with respect to the public at all training and flying sites

  • Complete all Instructor duties and tasks laid out by the school and the lead instructor