Enjoy the peace and quiet together far above the city below. Wow them with the ultimate adventure combined with the romantic scenery and ambiance of a mountaintop near sunset.

Dual Sunset Tandem Flights - $700

  • Fly from the top of a 3,500 foot mountain near sunset. Enjoy spectacular views with your loved one

  • Glide wingtip to wingtip together as you soar over the valley

  • Two Instructors, two gliders and the two of you


Basic Romance package includes: Dual Tandem Flights with our top two instructors. GoPro Videos on both Gliders at two angles each. Picnic on launch or in the landing zone. (we recommend the landing zone).

Additional services available a la carte to enhance the experience


Romantic post flight items available:

Contact the office to plan your romantic celebration



Ultimate Proposal Packages - $850

Create a memory that will last as long as a diamond

  • Demonstrate the ultimate gift of love by proposing in the sky

  • Let him or her read giant letters on the landing zone declaring your love.

  • Synchronized side by side landing with your instructors to share the moment together.

  • Bring the ring with you in your harness, ready to bring out for landing


Basic Proposal Package includes:

Written out letters in landing zone, picnic/meal on launch or in landing zone, and GoPro footage from two angles per glider. 

Add ons available


Contact the office to plan your proposal or romantic celebration