Andrew has been flying for over 35 years and been teaching the sport he loves for almost as long.  His passion for flight is unmatched. His happy personality is infectious. Watch out for his extremely corny jokes and listen for his many useful tips and tricks as you learn to fly.

CEO/Equipment Manager/Lead Instructor

Andy Beem

Windsports is happy to have such a fun, energetic and creative member of the team. Alicia dreams up brilliant marketing and branding strategies for the school. She is a talented student pilot and dreams to fly over a rainbow one day.

Marketing Boss/Branding Consultant

Alicia Garavaglia

Merry Christmas from the Windsports Team

Fred is extremely professional and strives to make sure his students are comfortable prior to flying. He specializes in teaching first time flyers. He emphasizes safety through preparation. Fred and his wife Nancy work together to give new students the best experience possible.

Mountain Tandem Instructor

Fred Ballard


Cyndia is the lifeblood of the school. She is a remarkable and generous person. She is very dedicated to helping the school and its students. You may find her at the beach on her days off from her career helping progressing students troubleshoot any difficulties they are having. 

Beach Instructor/Tax Consultant

Cyndia Klein

Happy Wing Wednesday! All of our Icaro h

Joe is a hang gliding legend. One of the most experienced pilots and instructors in the world. You could fill a library with his knowledge of flight training techniques. He loves educating students on more advanced skills. He leads flight trips with our experienced students all over the country.

Beach Instructor/Mountain Tandem Instructor/Trip Leader

Joe Greblo


Josh has been dreaming of flight his entire life. He achieved his Bachelor's in Aeronautics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He has been flying since 2008 and can't get enough of it. Josh aims to keep his students near the edge of their comfort zone, to learn safely but effectively challenging them as well.

CFO/Operations Manager/Lead Instructor

Josh Laufer


Bob has flown at Dockweiler over 20,000 times. Few instructors know how to teach the fundamentals of flight better than Bob. Plus he will make you laugh the whole time you're learning with his witty commentary.

Beach Instructor/Comedic Relief

Bob Bendetson


Erika is a very talented pilot and instructor. She works hard to not only help new and advancing students learn efficiently but helps the entire flying community as well.

Beach Instructor

Erika Klein


One of our most hard working instructors. Lynden can teach more students in a day than anyone. His dedication to excellence in his instruction is relentless. Quick to smile and laugh, students love to learn from Lynden.

Beach Instructor/Mountain Tandem Instructor

Lynden Vazquez

Congratulations to Susan our newest Hang

One of our most dedicated students. Susan's kind heart and friendly attitude towards everyone is amazing. As an instructor assistant she connects with all of our students and helps answer student questions and concerns. 

Instructor Assistant/Office Assistant

Susan Hannon

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