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Dear Dreamers,

We want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding through this hectic and uncertain time. We have finally received the green light to reopen our favorite flight experience, the high altitude mountain tandem!

We are continuing to take precautions with all of our lessons and ask that everyone who chooses to participate in our lessons does the same. We still require masks to be worn by all our students for the duration of their lessons and our instructors will be doing the same.

We also have upgraded our videos and are using Ultra HD GoPro 9's to capture your hang gliding experience during the mountain tandem. Make sure to add the video footage to your cart when booking to save your epic experience forever.

Once again thank you all for sticking it out with us and we cannot wait to see you in the sky!

Fly Safe,

Windsports Crew

Where Dreams Take Flight

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Dreaming of a Thermal Holiday

Everybody knows that some T-shirts and some rash guards help to make the season bright.

We Make Flying Look Good Well, to be more accurate, the designers at Thermal Pilot make us look good. We are excited to announce a partnership with the newest pilot clothing brand. Recently launched, Thermal Pilot was created by our very own, homegrown SHGA pilot and incredibly talented designer, Hector Realubit. You may have seen some of the beautiful rash guards and tank tops already out. Their newest collection has just been released - the Windsports collection! Filled with Windsports colors, these pieces are here just in time for the holidays. Be sure to place your order by the 10th to receive items by Christmas and Kwanzaa.

Check out the new Windsports Thermal Pilot Collection Here

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How you can help, what to expect, and other updates.

From The Windsports Team

We have good news! Beach instruction and limited mountain instruction will be reopening as of Saturday, June 20th.

Even though it has been a long time since we've been able to teach and be in person with you all, we still feel our community every day. As we look toward reopening there is so much to consider. Our first priority is the safety of our students and the community. This is a time for our grass root community to come together to support each other, even while social distancing.

With that in mind, we ask your respect for our older and more vulnerable pilots. Please be aware of social distancing measures and sanitation concerns. It's okay to admit it, we've all become a little more germaphobic. What to Expect

As we return to lessons we will be taking precautionary measures such as wiping down all equipment with disinfectant frequently between uses, helmet linings, spacing out students to keep more than six feet apart, requiring face masks, offering hand sanitizer, and limiting the number of students. If you sign up for a beach lesson we also recommend bringing a beach towel or chair to sit on as we will no longer be providing seating.

We are opening the beach lessons following county guidelines. We expect mountain tandems to follow in the coming months, however, in the meantime, we will be utilizing every option to get our more advanced students the flights they need. In compliance with all state and county ordinances and restrictions, only air high fives will be given.

Solo instruction on the mountain will also begin as instructors are available. We will be keeping pilot rides down to a socially distanced number to ensure the safety of our pilot community.

Ways You Can Help

Many people are asking for ways to help our small business reopen so here are some simple ideas.

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