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Thermal Pilot Apparel

Dreaming of a Thermal Holiday

Everybody knows that some T-shirts and some rash guards help to make the season bright.

We Make Flying Look Good Well, to be more accurate, the designers at Thermal Pilot make us look good. We are excited to announce a partnership with the newest pilot clothing brand. Recently launched, Thermal Pilot was created by our very own, homegrown SHGA pilot and incredibly talented designer, Hector Realubit. You may have seen some of the beautiful rash guards and tank tops already out. Their newest collection has just been released - the Windsports collection! Filled with Windsports colors, these pieces are here just in time for the holidays. Be sure to place your order by the 10th to receive items by Christmas and Kwanzaa.

Check out the new Windsports Thermal Pilot Collection Here

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