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Hang Gliding is like living out your most enjoyable flying dreams. We have many flight experiences to match your desire to soar. Start small flying over the beach with a smooth ocean breeze. Go big with an epic tandem flight off a mountain peak. Learn to fly solo with our comprehensive pilot program. Get together with friends, family, or co-workers in a group lesson. Or surprise a loved one with a romantic flight package.

Mountain Tandem Flight

Mountain Hang Gliding

Experience the Ultimate Adventure of flying off Kagel Mountain. Launch tandem with a professional certified Hang Gliding Instructor. No experience is required. A great bucket list adventure.

Pilot Program

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Once you get a taste of flight it is easy to get hooked. We offer full training programs to lead you from the ground to the sky in no time.

Romance Flight Package


Surprise a loved one with a romantic flight off the mountain in dual hang gliders. If you want to set up a next-level Marriage Proposal we can help you achieve your dreams.

Beach Lesson Experience


Glide off a 30-foot sand dune down to the warm beach below. You will feel like a seagull enjoying the ocean breeze while learning to fly. Learn the basic flight controls with your instructor running beside you. 

Group Lessons


Everything is better when you experience it together. This is even more true when it comes to flying. Enjoy a hang-gliding lesson with your friends, family, or co-workers.

Apprentice Instructor Program


You can actually learn to fly a hang glider completely free. Our apprentice instructor training program helps you earn your pilot ratings while becoming an apprentice instructor.

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