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Follow our comprehensive flight training program to earn your hang gliding ratings. Join the awesome free flight community and expand your horizons. Becoming a hang glider pilot isn't just like picking up a hobby, it changes your life. Check out the average lesson progression and costs below.

*Important after purchasing a package, email us to schedule your lessons, do not try to schedule your own till after contacting us.


New Pilot Package - $800

The beginner rating with USHPA, the Hang 1 usually takes 5 Full Beach Lessons to complete. The New Pilot package includes 5 lessons, Equipment Usage, Training Manual & Textbook.

Students fly on average 10-15 times each lesson. To earn the H1 students must pass a written and flight test observed by one of our instructors. Every student progresses differently and we cannot guarantee a Hang 1 in 5 lessons but it is the standard.


Novice Flight Program - $3,500

Students may train towards the Hang 2 novice rating after completing the Hang 1. 

Most students complete the novice program in 5 Beach Lessons, 5 Mountain Tandems, & 8 Mountain Solo Flights. The package may be bought in one sum or in installments. Use of equipment is included in the training program however we encourage investing in gear if you plan to continue flying after the training program. Renting equipment is available, first come first serve. 

Intermediate Training, Soaring & Beyond

Students may begin working on their Hang 3 after graduating from the Novice Flight Program. We offer Thermal & Ridge Soaring training, and even flying trips to Mexico, Big Sur, Utah & more! Your flying journey has only just begun after you finish your novice training. Costs Vary.

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