New Pilot Package


5 Lesson Package deal. Build a strong foundation to be able to leap into the sky with confidence. Most students can earn their Hang 1 Beginner rating in about 5-6 lessons. You will then qualify for our Advanced Mountain Tandem program.

All equipment including the training workbook and official hang gliding training textbook supplied while in the beginner program.


Please email or call the office to sign up for this program or Follow the link to

purchase. Scroll down the page after clicking link.

*After purchasing the lesson package, email or call the office to schedule your lessons. Do not schedule your lesson before contacting us




*To reach your Hang 2 requires further training and costs on average an additional $2,500 to complete.

Hang Gliding Instructor runs next to a new student as they learn to fly

Phase 1

Learn your beginner flights skills off a 30 foot sand dune. Most new students can achieve their Hang 1 in 5-6 lessons.

Professional hang gliding instructor and his student flying tandem off a high mountain

Phase 2

Learn your high altitude skills focusing on proper approaches to landing. Most students complete this phase in 4-5 Mountain Tandem flights.

Hang Gliding Instructor watches closely as an experienced student learns mre difficult flying skills

Phase 3

Head back to the beach to prepare for your first solo off the mountain. Focusing on mastering your flight skills on the equipment you will be using off the mountain.  Most students achieve their Hang 2 and finish this phase in 4-6 lessons.

A graduated student flies off the mountaintop solo for the first time under radio guidenace from a hang glidng instructor in the landing zone

Phase 4

The time has come to spread your wings and fly off the mountain alone. After your tandem check flight you will be under radio guidance from your instructor in the landing zone to talk you down. In order to graduate from the program and be qualified to fly without being in a lesson you must complete at least 8 solo flight lessons.